1) gone, undone;
þá er farnir vóru forstöðumenn Troju, when the defenders of Troy were dead and gone;
hans tafl var mjök svá farit, his gaine was almost lost;
farinn af sulti ok mœði, famished and exhausted;
farinn at e-u, destitute of (farinn at vistum, lausafé);
tungl farit, a ‘dead’ moon, new moon;
sól var skamt farin, the sun was little advaned, not long risen;
þá var dagr alljós ok sól farin, broad day and the sun high in the sky;
2) so and so conditioned;
vel andlits farinn, vel farinn í andliti, well-favoured;
mjök aldri farinn, stricken in years;
vel orði (or orðum) farinn, well-spoken, eloquent;
impers., e-m, er e-n veg farit, one is so and so;
er eigi einn veg farit úgæfu okkar, our ill-luck is not of one piece;
veðri var þannig farit, at, the weather was such that;
hversu landinu er farit, what the condition of the country is;
henni er þannig farit, at hón er mikil ey, löng, (viz. the island) is so shaped that it is large and long;
fig., of disposition, character;
er honum vel farit, he is a well-disposed man;
þeim var úlíkt farit at mörgu, they were unlike in many respects;
undarliga er yðr farit, ye are strange men;
adding the prep. til: nú er annan veg til farit, now matters are altered;
nú er svá til farit, at ek vil, now the case is, that I wish;
3) á förnum vegi, on the high-road (ef maðr andast á förnum vegi);
hann kom heim af förnum vegi, from a journey.

An Icelandic-English dictionary. . 1874.

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